Production Information:

Chemical Name:  cytidine diphosphate-choline (CDP-Choline)

IUPAC: 5'-O-[hydroxy({hydroxy[2-(trimethylammonio)ethoxy]

Pack size: 1kg(custom packaging available)

Molecular formula: C14H26N4O11P2

Molar weight: 489.332g/mol                             

CAS NO.: 987-78-0

Purity: >99%

Storage: Make sure that container remains sealed when material not in use. Store in cool, dry place.



CDP-choline (Citicoline) is a nootropic and natural compound that is mostly employed during ischemia, neurological disorders and head trauma. Moreover, CDP-choline is also renowned for possessing certain cognitive and anti-addictive effects. It is recognized as an authentic treatment option for patients who suffer from cerebrovascular memory disorders.  CDP-choline is also proposed to have positive effects in Parkinson’s disease and vascular dementia. This remarkable supplement is aimed to prevent or treat impairments in memory linked with aging. It does so by stabilizing cell membranes and diminishing free radicals’ presence. This is because after its intake into the body, CDP-choline dissociates into two molecules i.e. Choline and Uridine that have neuroprotective effects and help in the enhancement of learning. It is also known for playing an effective part to increase phosphatidylcholine synthesis in the brain. CDP-choline also acts as a stimulant in the brain while discharging dopamine neurotransmitters. It is significant to mention that “Citicoline is the only drug that in a number of different clinical stroke trials continuously had some neuroprotective benefit”



Benefits of CDP-Choline:

l  Support memory: In the hippocampi of rats with induced Alzheimer's Disease, citicoline counteracts neuronal degeneration and reduces the number of apoptotic cells present. Citicoline supplementation also improves memory retention

l  Attention and Preventing Cognitive Decline: Citicoline adjuvant therapy can delay the rate of cognitive decline in patients with PD-MCI, reduce its plasma PLs content, and has neuroprotective effect

l  Vision: Citicoline improves visual function in patients with glaucoma and amblyopia






Main Clinical Application: